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A Chicago native, Christa is a gifted artist who has spent the great majority of her life traveling and exploring various expressions of her passion for everything artistic.  Currently in her role as therapist and program director for a social service agency in the city of Chicago Christa is able to channel her passion for helping others through her clients assisting in providing a safe space for healing. "Advocating for mental health wellness and promoting self-care is my #1 goal". I believe that we are the only ones that is truly responsible for taking care of ourselves and this philosophy is reflected in every product within Christa Philane Home Essentials. Christa Philane Home Essentials is a business that creates handmade goods that aid in the well-being of every individual. I have created each product with my very own hands focusing on creating a calming experience through each scent as well as one of a kind home accessories that are pleasing to the eye. The purpose of my products is to promote self-care within your own personal space captivating your senses. Now I realize that a candle, room & linen spray, shower accessories, etc. are not a magic remedy for all that life throws at us however, it is a beginning to creating a space conducive of peace. Christa Philane Home Essentials was created from my commitment to myself to be more intentional about putting "ME" first. We should all be more intentional about giving the same love and time that we pour into others into ourselves. Self-Care is a choice that we all have to make. We are all worth giving ourselves that extra love and attention. Please join me in my journey of creating a life that promotes self-care, peace and happiness. Thank you in advance for your support. It is an honor to have the opportunity to be in your home and part of your self-care journey assisting you to indulge in creating a sanctuary of relaxation and healing.​​ 

Choose Love, Choose Joy & Always Choose You!

Christa Hill

Owner, Founder & Creator

Christa Philane Home Essentials

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